AquaGold Fine Touch

Microneedling At It’s Best!

Age,  sun damage, gravity and lifestyle factors wreak havoc on your skin, leaving you with rough, uneven texture and a less-than-radiant complexion. Welcome the newest generation in microneedling technology, 



Aqua Gold “Fine Touch”  is a patented, unique form of microneedling. Treatments are performed on the ENTIRE face using an AquaGold Fine Touch device.  The device is part of a micro-channeling system that delivers a customized blend of  ingredients just below the surface of the skin. The “stamp like” device  contains 20 hollow nano needles coated in 24k gold. This minimizes pain and reduces chance of irritation or allergic reaction. An attached vial contains a personalized blend of powerful, results-driven anti-aging,  antioxident ingredients.   The ingredients flow through the hollow needles and are infused into the SUPERFICIAL (upper)layer of the skin to maximize the effects of the treatment.

BENEFITS OF Aquagold “Fine Touch” 

⭐️ creates nano- wounds in the skin to boost collagen and elastin production.

⭐️less invasive and less painful than micro-needling

⭐️No downtime 

⭐️minimal to no bleeding or micro-tears in the skin

⭐️ Each AquaGold Fine Touch is single-use and comes in a sterilized package to further ensure the safety of the procedure.

⭐️ability to treat delicate areas that are difficult or impossible to treat using traditional injectable methods 

⭐️ multiple customized ingredients are formulated that will treat all of your skin concerns at once! 

⭐️Takes under 30 min to complete the ENTIRE face 

Treatments can be used to 

Deeply Hydrate 

Improve firmness and texture 

Reduce acne

Reduce large pore size

Reduce oil production and buildup

Improve fine lines and wrinkles

Examples of Aquagold Treatments include: 

Dysport Formula;

Dysport is infused at a shallow depth into the skin and can significantly shrink enlarged pores and minimize very fine lines. 

Dysport & Hyaluronic Acid Formula: will  not only reduce pore size and fine lines but also plump and deliver deep hydration to the treated area.  Hyaluronic Acid is used in many dermal fillers and the main ingredient that adds firmness and elasticity o the skin. 

Dysport + Hylauronic Acid and PRP formula: 

This Aquagold  formula adds your own  platelet-rich plasma (PRP)  to quicken the body’s repair process. PRP releases growth factors and  antioxidents into the skin for additional collagen and elastin stimulation. 


Little to no downtime is expected  following a  treatment. You may leave  with a slight red/pink glow to your skin, but you are not restricted from returning to work or engaging in any activities. The redness typically dissipates shortly after treatment, leaving behind a refreshed, radiant and dewy complexion. 

24 Hours Post Treatment Avoid:


Harsh skincare products

⭐️Always use your SPF!⭐️


Expect to see real results with Aqua Gold!   Many patients notice softer, smoother skin and a healthy glow shortly after their treatment. Within a week, the effects of the Botox and hyaluronic acid will reach their full strength, making fine lines and large pores less pronounced. Your results will continue to improve over the following weeks as the increased levels of collagen and elastin in your skin work to restore healthy tissue at a deeper level.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

One treatment is very effective for that special occasion, weekend getaway or vacation but to transform your skin on a deep and long-lasting level, we recommend a series of treatments  every four to six weeks until you’ve achieved your desired result. After that, maintenance treatments throughout the year are suggested and WILL CONTINUE  to improve the overall health and appearance of your skin.

WHO IS A CANDIDATE FOR Aqua Gold Fine Touch? 

Most men and women interested in rejuvenating their skin without surgery are potential candidates .

Patients seeking a subtly youthful appearance rather than dramatic changes will have the best experience.

Not Recommended If:

pregnant or breastfeeding

active skin infection in the treatment area is present

immune system is compromised

looking to improve deep wrinkles or significant acne scarring.

AquaGold Aftercare

1. Do not wash your face for the first six hours after Aquagold Fine Touch treatment.

2. Wash the treated area gently with a gentle cleanser, and apply your routine skin moisturizer after. 

3. You may resume your daily skin care regimen the next day. 

4. Sleep on your back with your head elevated slightly to reduce swelling.

AquaGold Fine Touch