B B Glow

The Hottest New Treatment for 2019

So What is B B Glow ? 

BB Glow treatment is cosmetic procedure that provides glowing, radiant, seemingly pore-less skin after 2-3 sessions, and the best part....it lasts up to 4 months! BB Infusion is a safe skin treatment that can assist in reducing the appearance of freckles, smooth the skin and even out the skin tone. It also benefits skin discoloration caused by acne, photo-ageing and age spots

BB Glow treatment uses Micro/Nano Needle Therapy System to infuse a tinted serum under the top layer of your skin giving you the look of wearing BB cream 24/7. The product is completely safe and effective.   Skin Rejuvination with an immediate brightening effect! 

~No redness or pain and no downtime with immediate results!

Clients can expect an immediate skin brightening and rejuvenating effect.

BB Glow Benefits include:

Instant hydration of the skin, leaving skin feeling soft and supple

Gradual lightening of the skin

Restores even skin tone and radiant complexion

Reduces skin discoloration & pigmentation

Reduces appearance of pores

Plumps the skin, assists in reducing fine lines and wrinkles

Targeted Skin Concerns:

Dull, uneven skin texture



Post acne scars

Age spots and sun spots

Large pores

Early aging and lax skin

Wrinkles and fine lines

The closest shade of BB cream is selected and penetrated under the top layer of skin using a microneedling/nano device .  BB cream serums will blend & adjust to your skin tone while rejuvenating & repairing your skin from the inside out.

BB Glow is a painless KFDA approved semi-permanent pigmented serum that is applied with non-invasive nanoneedling.

The struggle is real with finding the perfect balance of expensive skin products, makeup, and beauty fads...

If you're tired of dull discoloration, blemishes, freckles and want to "wake up with no makeup" then BB Glow is for you! 

BB Glow is a cumulative process - 1 Session results in a "Mineral Veil" light coverage look, 

2-4 Sessions build up to even more coverage. 

BB Glow serums are specially formulated with plant based extracts, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid 

that help regenerate and hydrate skin cells to promote a glowing appearance.

BB Glow products are free of parabens, fragrance, alcohol, and allergens.